Conjunctions are connecting words joining two or more sentences, making them one sentence. They can be used to join phrases, clauses or words. Words:  Silver and Gold Phrase: Over the river and through the woods Clauses: Janine bought a dog

Gender, Diminutives, Animal Sounds

Gender Nouns can be classified into different genders, eg: Masculine – boy, king, male, brother, father Feminine – girl, queen, female, sister, mother Neutral – chair, desk, engine, car Common – poet, baby, beggar, player, swimmer, scientist, programmer, secretary, orphan, lawyer, politician, passenger, judge,

Adjectives & Adverbs

Adjectives are descriptive words, they are used to add colour or interest to nouns and pronouns. Adverbs tell us more about the Verb, they can also tell us more about the adjective. Adjectives There are several different adjectives: Descriptive or


An Article is a word that is used before a noun to show whether the noun refers to something specific or not. These are a, an and the… Examples: Indefinite Article I need a house  In the above sentence we find


Nouns are found in the singular or plural form.. Most words merely take on the ‘s’ to form a plural, eg: house       –       houses cat            –      


A Verb is a ‘doing’ or an ‘action’ word or a ‘state of being. A physical action (e.g., to swim, to write, to climb). A mental action (e.g., to think, to guess, to consider). A state of being (e.g., to


Pronouns are in the place of Nouns and are used to avoid repetitions: Grant plays the guitar. He practices it everyday. (he replaces Grant and it replaces guitar) Personal Pronouns – Refer to things or people, and are interlinked with possessive

Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrases What are prepositions? A list of Prepositions: What are Prepositional Phrases?

Basic and progressive forms

English Grammar – Tenses overview – present, past, future, simple, continuous, progressive, perfect! Basic and progressive forms Progressive tenses from Emily Kissner Past Simple & Present Perfect Examples Test yourself


There are four types of nouns: Common Nouns, Proper Nouns, Collective Nouns and Abstract Nouns A Common Noun can be a person, a place or a thing Things that are named are Common nouns, for example desk chair ocean car


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