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An Article is a word that is used before a noun to show whether the noun refers to something specific or not. These are a, an and the…


Indefinite Article
I need a house ID-10013864

In the above sentence we find the article ‘a’. It shows that I do not need a specific house. I can have any house.

I would like an apple. 




Once again, above we find the article ‘an’. It shows that the speaker does not need a specific apple. He can have any apple.  The difference here is ‘an’ is used when the word begins with a vowel, ie

ID-100100339 umbrella

ID-10030813 elephant

ID-100186925 iceberg


If the first letter of the word is a vowel, but sounds like a consonant, then we use ‘a’
used car, a useful gadget

If the first letter of the word is a consonant, but sounds like a vowel, then we use ‘an’
an hour, an honest woman, an eye

Definite Article

I want the puppy 
ID-10030648Here we see that I want a specific puppy, not just any puppy.

‘The’ can be used before both singular and plural nouns.


“The flower he gave her was very beautiful.”
“The flowers on the table are nice.

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